Who we are

Novo Futuro is a country-wide not-for-profit institution, under the ‘Mecenato’ statute, that aims to provide physical, emotional and social care, to 75 children and youngsters, in 8 residential homes. These children have been deprived of a safe family environment. We give preference to groups of siblings.

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What we do


Children and youngsters in Novo Futuro homes participate in household decision-making, and share daily tasks and responsibilities with carers. This ensures they develop key social skills and a sense of responsibility to the group.
Safe environment

Novo Futuro homes offer a planned, predictable and organised environment, through the use of structured routines, led by specially trained personnel. This promotes a sense of safety for children and youngsters – a key enabler for their development.

All children and youngsters in Novo Futuro, are evaluated and subsequently trained to develop the required tools to become more autonomous and able to live in society.

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How to help

Novo Futuro counts on the support of companies, individuals, partners and volunteers. The state’s Social Security funds part of our activities, through cooperation agreements. However, these funds are not sufficient to cover our needs and we regularly fundraise throughout the year to sustain our mission.

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A volunteer is an individual, that freely, uninterested and responsible, assumes a job, according to his abilities, in his free time, providing volunteer work towards a promoting organisation.

Volunteering follows the principals of solidarity, the participation, cooperation of the law nº71/98 of the 3rd of November.

If you want to be a part of the Novo Futuro Volunteers, check your preferences, abilities and availability and sign up.

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